We help people achieve their health, fitness & performance goals.

We believe we all need to move well, to live well. Your personal health, fitness and performance goals are the foundation of our work with you. ZONE physical therapists empower you by providing tools and knowledge to restore and improve your overall health. Our team delivers individualized care and expertise for the assessment, treatment and management of sports, orthopedic, personal, work and auto injuries, including post-operative rehabilitation. We employ a collaborative team approach to ensure that your rehabilitation objectives and lifestyle work in concert. 

ZONE is excited to collaborate with IGNITE ATHLETICS and Friends of the Bowl as one of the founding components of the state of the art Gordie Howe Sports Complex indoor athletic performance and training centre. This dynamic new facility and team expands the services and resources ZONE has provided to date via our existing clinic in the Point 9 Building in University Heights in northeast Saskatoon, which is also home to the Saskatoon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, a team of medical professionals including several skilled orthopedic surgeons, experienced primary care sports medicine physicians, respected radiology facilities, onsite physical medicine specialist clinic and a comprehensive bracing and orthotic department. Our Gordie Howe location enables ZONE to provide expanded client accessibility and exceptional care in collaboration with our multidisciplinary teammates.

ZONE Sports Physiotherapy. MOVE TO LIVE. LIVE TO MOVE.

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BScPT, Dip Sport PT

Mitch has been in sports and orthopedic physiotherapy private practice since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 1994 and is one of ZONE Sports Physiotherapy’s founding partners. In addition to receiving his Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy from Sport Physiotherapy Canada, Mitch’s sport experience includes extensive clinical practice and consultation work with a variety of local, provincial, national, collegiate and professional calibre athletes, as well as being a member of the medical staff at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, and a therapist with Athletics Canada, Baseball Sask, and Football Sask. He also works as a consultant with the Saskatoon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center. Mitch has a special interest in youth sport, educating young athletes and parents regarding injury prevention and long term athlete development. His special interest in baseball has taken him to conferences across the continent to discuss current concepts in injury management, prevention and performance alongside MLB team orthopedic surgeons, physicians, and therapists.  Outside of work Mitch enjoys plenty of family time, college football, the great outdoors, music and his trusty Jeep.

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Brad is one of ZONE Sports Physiotherapy’s founding partners and has been in sports and orthopedic physiotherapy practice in Saskatoon since graduating from the University Of Saskatchewan School Of Physical Therapy in 2004. He has also obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Canadian Acupuncturist (CAFCI), and IMS Gunn (IMS) certifications. In 2007 he began serving as a pre-operative and post-operative consultant for the Saskatoon Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center. Over the past 15 years Brad has focused his practice around the management and treatment of endurance sports injuries. In 2012 ZONE Sports Physiotherapy launched ZONE Performance Multisport, a comprehensive endurance sports coaching platform. Over the past 7 years ZONE Performance Multisport has come to offer state-of-the-art physiological, metabolic and biomechanical analysis for endurance athletes, along with performance training and programming. 

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Jennifer grew up in Saskatoon competing nationally in the sports of biathlon and rowing. She attended the University of Saskatchewan, graduating from the College of Kinesiology with great distinction in 2014, and the School of Physical Therapy in 2017 with her Masters of Physical Therapy. Jennifer is passionate about helping all people achieve their movement goals, incorporating rehabilitation, strength & conditioning and functional movement. She is also passionate about learning and lifelong education, currently working through the CPA Orthopedic Division training levels and pursuing her Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification. Moving forward, Jennifer is eager to continue to develop her skills in the areas of medical sport coverage, concussion management, IMS dry needling and pursue her Sport Physiotherapy designation. In her spare time she enjoys weight lifting, kettlebell training, listening to podcasts/audiobooks and cooking.