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Ages 18+

IGNITE ATHLETICS has always had a strong relationship with USPORT and CJFL Football teams in Saskatchewan. These groups provide the perfect level of competition that you can only get from training with your teammates on a daily basis. During the winter months these groups run 4 weight training sessions a week and then switch to 3 gym days and 2 field work days starting in Spring (weather permitting).

Football is a unique sport in the testing parameters it uses, so athletes are taught all of the essential techniques to be successful at camp try-outs and combines. The athletes will be tested on: bench press, broad jump, vertical jump, pro agility, 40 yard dash and L drill. The program will also be periodized to properly put on size and strength early in the off-season while making sure that athletes peak in power right before the season. This group will test your limits to improve your game.


USport & Junior Football

USport Post Secondary High Performance Athletic Training