Lucas was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He grew up with two brothers and two parents who both graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Education program with a focus on physical education, so it is safe to say that Lucas has always loved to move and play. 

After high school he played college basketball all over western Canada and searched for a passion that he could pursue when his five years of eligibility were over. He initially resisted the urge to be another physical educator but as the years went by it seemed to keep pulling him back in. After receiving two separate college diplomas and learning a lot about how to train proper movement patterns and how to connect with a variety of age groups and skill levels, Lucas returned to his hometown to pass his knowledge on to the next generation of athletes in Saskatchewan. 

Lucas loves to train hard and compete, but above all he truly believes that everyone should feel the benefits of daily physical activity that he was so lucky to be shown at a young age. If you love to move, train, learn new skills, or just make new friends – Lucas can’t wait to help you get an early start on being active for life! 

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