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Born and raised in the City of Bridges, Carlin is a proud Saskatonian who enjoys exploring the city and all it has to offer. She completed her B.Comm. at the U of S where she specialized in Business Management. After working in a corporate environment at the beginning of her career, Carlin decided she wanted a change and to prioritize what she loves most - the simple things in life. 

Carlin enjoys being creative and starting her mornings watering the garden, sipping coffee in the sun, and going on adventures with her two doggos, Charlie and Bear. A lover of the great outdoors, Carlin’s favourite pastime is camping with the pups in her restored Boler. She values balance between work and personal life and is always ready to plan her next adventure!

Carlin is thrilled to support a locally owned and operated high performance facility. She is passionate about community engagement and fostering face-to-face connection with our clients.

At IGNITE ATHLETICS, you can catch her manning the Front Desk or slinging smoothies and java, providing the fuel for our athletes pre and post workout.