Ages 11 -13

This group is for young athletes in grades 6-8. We closely follow Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Model when working with all of our groups, and this group is in the Learn to Train stage. We focus on proper movement, body control, mobility, & strength, with a strong emphasis on using your own body weight as resistance. We accomplish all of this while creating a fun and safe environment. 

Sessions are 90 minutes in length, athletes will get 30 minutes in the SPARK PARK, and 60 minutes in the Ignite Athletics weight room.

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Ages 12 -14

The Junior High Performance is for athletes who have entered the Train to Train stage of the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. Athletes in these groups are typically beginning to specialize in different sports and are closely monitored to observe the effects that physical growth and training are having on them.

These groups begin every session with a focused approach to improving physical literacy through movement skills. The goal is to introduce basic speed and agility concepts and techniques to build a foundation for all movement. The next part is a periodized approach to weight training, with an emphasis on basic strength, correcting physical literacy gaps and fixing muscular imbalances. These groups are also sometimes necessary for older athletes who do not have a background of athletic development!


Ages 15-18

These groups are for athletes who aspire to reach the Train to Compete stage of the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. Many of these athletes have hopes and aspirations of continuing sport on a post-secondary team and therefore require a high-quality training environment to participate in high-intensity, sport specific training. 

High Performance - Senior athletes are tested every 2 cycles in order to track progress and ensure that performance variables are improving. Our gym has built a strong culture of encouraging athletes to increase their own individual commitment to their training and we motivate athletes to make the correct nutritional and recovery decisions to increase their performance.

Program Options

Senior Group Training

Senior Field Sessions

Senior Female Athletes Only

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Ages 18+

IGNITE ATHLETICS has always had a strong relationship with USPORT and CJFL Football teams in Saskatchewan. These groups provide the perfect level of competition that you can only get from training with your teammates on a daily basis. During the winter months these groups run 4 weight training sessions a week and then switch to 3 gym days and 2 field work days starting in Spring (weather permitting).

Football is a unique sport in the testing parameters it uses, so athletes are taught all of the essential techniques to be successful at camp try-outs and combines. The athletes will be tested on: bench press, broad jump, vertical jump, pro agility, 40 yard dash and L drill. The program will also be periodized to properly put on size and strength early in the off-season while making sure that athletes peak in power right before the season. This group will test your limits to improve your game.


USport & Junior Football

USport Post Secondary High Performance Athletic Training


Many coaches understand the concept that to remain competitive, your team must be strong, fast, powerful and injury resistant. However, most of these outcomes do not occur during sport specific practice, but rather in their strength and conditioning training.

Ignite Athletics is offering In-Season Team training for Hockey/Ringette teams in and around the Saskatoon Area.

All In-Season sessions will include:

  • Proper Warm-ups with emphasis on improving hip mobility and injury prevention

  • Basic Strength Development with focus on lower body and core

  • Speed and Power Work

  • Conditioning if appropriate

Session will be held at the new facility at Ignite Athletics in the Gordie Howe Sports Complex. *Nutrition Sessions also available upon request.

To book sessions, please contact: josh@igniteathletics.com

Ignite Athletics is finishing up another successful hockey Off-Season training program.
Best of luck to all the athletes heading out to start their seasons.

This fall/winter we will be offering In-Season strength training with an emphasis on strength development and Injury prevention.

The program will run Monday / Tuesday / Thursday at 6:30 pm.
Athletes will be able to book into whichever sessions work best with their schedule.

1x per week / 60 minute session / 4 sessions monthly

2 x per week / 60 minute sessions / 8 sessions monthly

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Many coaches understand the concept that to remain competitive, your team must be strong, fast, powerful and injury resistant. However, most of these outcomes do not occur during sport specific practice, but rather in their strength and conditioning training. Whether your team is in the off season looking for some serious performance gains, or in season and wanting to stay strong and healthy, we will work with you to come up with the perfect plan for your team.

To book sessions, please contact: jordan@igniteathletics.com



IGNITE ATHLETICS has had the honoured privilege to work with professional athletes from all sports and all walks of life. If you are currently a professional athlete who is looking to bring your game to a higher level, we will get you on the perfect program to turn your deficiencies into strengths. Train with other professional athletes who are like-minded and who will push you every day in the weight room.

To book sessions, please contact: joel@igniteathletics.com


IGNITE ATHLETICS offers one on one personal training for anyone who does not prefer the group dynamic or who wants individual attention. This service is available to anyone and price is paid by the session. We will never lock you into a contract.

To book sessions, please contact: jordan@igniteathletics.com

1 Session - $85 plus tax
10 Session Pack - $750 plus tax