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Gerrit is originally from Saskatoon and attended high school at Tommy Douglas where he played football and learned a lot about what it takes to play sports and be competitive. Working on the farm growing up taught him a strong work ethic which translated into his training. Playing football is what sparked his love for all sports, and he gained an appreciation for the dedication it takes to achieve a high skill level.

Gerrit’s life after football has gone into coaching youth football where he helps build fundamentals and a team atmosphere. He loves teaching kids’ lessons that translate from sports to the real world. Gerrit now competes as a powerlifter challenging his physical and mental capacities every training session.  He enjoys analyzing form, why injuries occur and how best to prevent them. He competed for team Saskatchewan at Nationals in 2019. 

Gerrit turned to Massage Therapy after a severe car accident affected his daily living.  It was through manual therapies he was able to return to normal. His goal as a therapist is to spread the benefits of massage and help people the way it helped him. Gerrit enjoys working with people to achieve their goals through recovery and education of how daily habits can affect our every day life and training. When Gerrit isn’t training or treating, he enjoys playing music.