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I started working with IGNITE ATHLETICS in the off season of 2017 heading into the 2018 Olympic Games. I came in as a relatively polished elite athlete, however, Joel spent time with me and identified areas of weakness that I did not realize were effecting my performance. Joining the environment at IGNITE ATHLETICS and having them push me through training sessions has me truly performing better than ever. I also noticed the work IGNITE ATHLETICS does with their younger groups. The training they get is something that would have been enormously beneficial to me at that age. The other side effect, for any parents reading this and considering signing their kids up, is the social interaction and confidence that working hard with your teammates/friends/opponents can give a young athlete. It's extremely exciting for me to know Saskatoon and the province of Saskatchewan has Joel and IGNITE ATHLETICS pushing athletes to the next level.  #ignitefamily